Sandstone Blocks

Demolition Sandstone

Cheap as bricks keep a consistent amount of sandstone blocks from demolished buildings. The sandstone blocks from these buildings are usually out of residential dwellings. This grade of recycled sandstone block is quite square (dimensional). We work to your specifications when preparing these blocks for delivery/pick up. We can deliver on pallets to your site, or when bought in large volumes a tip truck can be organised upon request.

Garden Sandstone

Garden sandstone is the cheapest of our recycled sandstone products. They are normally fragmented pieces of stone, that are light in weight and are great for gardens. We offer delivery on this product and yard pick ups are more then welcome.

Large Dimensional Sandstone

This particular type of sandstone product is used in specific projects usually requiring stone masons. The sandstone blocks are large in size and usually are lifted with machinery. You'll find these blocks in sea walls and foundations of larger buildings to name a few of there uses. This grade of stone is a premium product we offer at cheap as bricks. Call us or send us an email to discuss your requirements.

Mixed Sandstone

With this grade of recycled sandstone block we don't work to order, lowering the cost to the customer. We load the sandstone blocks as they are picked out with the excavator. This method of loading is usually geared towards larger sandstone orders where lots of sandstone is required.