You don't need to go far in Sydney to see some wonderful architecture and a glimpse into our convict built past, but how many of us have thought about the individuals who created, designed and built our first settlements and structures?

One such convict brick builder was James Bloodsworth. James was convicted and shipped over as part of the First Fleet on the 'Charlotte' for stealing just one game cock and two hens! In an astounding life turn he was appointed master brick layer for the first settlement at Sydney Cove the moment he landed on Australian soil. James must have grabbed this opportunity with both hands as it is shown he worked extremely hard to head up the teams of convict brick makers, bricklayers and builders.

He had a large site, which is now the Haymarket area, but back in 1788 was called Brickfield. It was here at the Brickfield site that the convict bricks and roof tiles you see today were forged and made. Private dwellings and government buildings began to spring up as community and towns began to develop and grow.

James Bloodsworth is an integral part of Sydney history and a much respected craftsman, builder and project manager. His work forged the landscape of the Sydney we see today.

Visit your local recycled brick yard and ensure that your next building project has strength, integrity and it's own story.



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