The Easter and Anzac public holidays are close together this year giving you ample time to get out and build something! When you look out of your kitchen window is there a gatepost that needs re-pointing or a perfect space for an entertaining area waiting to be built? Here are some ideas on building projects you can get stuck into over the Easter break.

• Create a recycled brick garden path and pave a smooth safe way to enter and exit your property on rainy, winter days.
• Look online and learn how to build your very own brick built, wood fired pizza oven!
• Go a little bigger and think about building a brick garage or carport to protect your car over winter.

A good resource is the internet! YouTube, DIY websites and blogs are a great place to learn how to build a wall, fishpond, in fact anything made of brick!

Whatever you are planning to build a visit to a recycled brickyard in Sydney will certainly give you inspiration! Here, you can browse and look for interesting bricks to give your project a design edge, or to match the bricks to your already existing property. More often than not, using recycled or used bricks also means a big saving on your project spend too.

So make the most of the last sunny days and get out and build something. The satisfaction from creating something will bring you satisfaction and the confidence to try other projects.

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