It’s amazing to think that bricks come in so many different colours! It is really important to choose the right colour and of course character for your building project as it will be there for a long time and you will need to live with it every day. Here are some tips for choosing the right colour tone of brick for your building project.

Reds. Red colours are great if you want to give the impression of warmth or a welcoming feeling. Red tones are comforting and are great for home frontages and also for welcoming front garden walls and entries.

Light Beige/Neutral. Light colours are your blank canvas! They give off a feeling of environmental friendliness so are great for eco builds. As the light colours weather and fade they will create character and blend in perfectly with the nature which surrounds the property and a great choice for country or Eco homes.

Browns. Brown is a classic recycled brick. The colour doesn’t date and is the perfect choice if you are looking to give a classic style or are building a period look home. For grandeur and class that won’t date, brown is certainly the new black!

Recycled or second hand bricks are also a great choice if you are looking to add real depth or character to your home. These bricks often have different colours through them and can create just about any look you like for often less than new bricks.

So, before you decide head to your local second hand brick yard and get some inspiration!


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