If you are conducting a renovation or demolition project did you know that you can make money from the Second hand bricks you no longer need?

Second-hand bricks, depending on size, age and type can become a sought after material! You don't need to worry about waste management or landfill fees and can also divert waste from landfill too, contributing to greener building practices and recycling building materials which consume huge amounts of greenhouse gases during manufacture.

So how do you know if your bricks are suitable for recycling?

When was the house or property built? Usually bricks manufactured after 1950 are not desirable. Check the mortar, if lime mortar has been used they can be cleaned off and re-used, concrete mortar cannot be cleaned off. A good test is to use a car key to scratch away the mortar, if it falls away easily it is lime mortar if it’s rigid and doesn't budge, its concrete.

Another test is the 'clap test'. Gather a few bricks and clap them together, if the mortar falls of easily then the bricks can be recycled.

If you are still unsure you can send photos to a reputable second-hand brickyard and they can asses the bricks you have and advise if they are suitable for recycling. If they are you can deliver the bricks direct to the brickyard who will purchase the bricks from you. Be warned though, brick yards will turn away loads which are full of other debris and rubbish so ensure you sort your load before delivering them!

Think about recycling as many materials and second-hand bricks as you can on your next demolition or renovation project, ease your green conscience and fill your wallet!

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